Level Test

Level Test Scanning Software

Level Test answer sheets and questionnaires are scanned on an image scanner and read by OMR Scanning software which automatically detects and collects filled in checkboxes. Printing your own plain paper answer sheets which are compatible with the scanning software, is part of the process for using the software. The answer sheet checkboxes are filled in by the respondents with a dark pen or pencil, so the checkbox responses can be clearly detected by the computer software. Simply Scan the Answer Sheet level tests to Automatically capture the checkbox responses which will be saved as readable data on your pc or laptop computer. Collect the answer sheet analysis data from hundreds of answer sheet tests in minutes, answer sheet scanning software can process around 30 pages per minute into readable computer data, depending on the amount of information on each page.

captured level test analysis data

Analysis data is captured from scanned level tests by omr software and exported to a spreadsheet or other management software.

Students who have practiced with the structure of multiple choice question tests, will perform better with answer sheet level tests.
Scan answer sheets

Level Test Answer sheets or multiple choice questionnaires are scanned with a regular document scanner and captured with scanning software on a pc or laptop computer.

Print and grade your own level test practice answer sheet papers, automatically using a regular document scanner and a computer .

Answer sheet scanning software requires a decent quality scanner for scanning clear sharp images of the answer sheets and a pc or laptop computer for running the software to detect and capture filled checkbox bubbles. No special OMR scanner is required. The captured checkbox response values are exportable to an excel spreadsheet or other external management software, for further analysis.

Scanning Level Test Sheets

When scanning level test answer sheets or multiple choice questionnaires it is important to remember you are not scanning photos, you are scanning documents and the scanned images must be sharp and clear . The answer sheets or questionnaire sheets being scanned must be compatible with the scanning software that you are using to read the scanned images. A template compatible with the scanning software must be used for printing the level test sheets with checkboxes and barcodes which can be detected by the scanning software and used for capturing checkbox answer responses, a score for the correct answers and capturing barcode identifying information for linking the captured analysis data to records in a database.

Captured marks on Scanned Level Test

scan and score Detected filled in checkboxes on a scanned level test questionnaire. The detected marks are captured and saved as readable checkbox value data which can be exported to a spreadsheet or other analysis data management software.

free software download

Download free Scanning Software Trial - 30 days free - and use it for creating scannable multiple choice question answer sheets and automatically collecting the checkbox response data for faster level test results.